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Animated Motion Backgrounds Are Definitely Not Cheap!

It Cost  $79  For Just One Single Motion Background on ShutterStock!

And It's Not Just ShutterStock With These Ridiculous Prices..

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As you can see, most big stock footage sites cost hundreds of dollars for just one background.

And this is just the beginning..

After you have purchased a motion background from these crooks, you then end up needing to purchase an extended commercial license so you can use it in your commercial projects, which can set you back an extra couple hundred dollars!

That's why we created Motion Backgrounds Ace...

This is a Blazing Opportunity to Get Your Hands on a Massive Assortment of 

500+ HD Motion Backgrounds For Not Only The Price Of One But A Fraction Of It!

What Is Motion Backgrounds Ace?

Motion Backgrounds Ace Is A Brand New Collection Of 500+ HD Royalty And Copyright Free Animated Motion Backgrounds. This Collection Comes With Two Flexible Licenses, Including A Reseller License To You Can Make Potential Massive Profits By Reselling This Collection To Your Customers.

Motion Backgrounds Ace is compatible with your favourite video editing software!

All motion backgrounds are also compatible with many other video editors that are not listed above.

Check Out Below to See What You Will Get Inside Motion Backgrounds Ace

500+ Animated Motion Backgrounds 


All videos are in HD format and their quality can easily be scaled up and down inside your favourite video editor with minimal quality loss. 

Motion Backgrounds Ace Extended Preview

Keep in mind that the video clips are in full HD 1920x1080 resolution, and on average are around 10-45 seconds each. The preview video above has only a few seconds of the videos and the videos quality has been scaled down for preview purposes.

These Compelling Drone Stock Footage Videos Are All Exclusive To Drone Footage Ace.

You Can’t Find These Dazzling Videos Anywhere Else!

Not from Public Domain
Approximately 15 to 60 seconds in length.
MP4 format (compatible on all computers)
1920x1080 HD resolution
Exclusive to Drone Footage Ace (Can't find anywhere else!)

Preview The Motion Backgrounds Below

 FREE Commercial Developer License 

As an early-bird visitor, when you pick up Motion Backgrounds Ace today, we'll give you the developer license absolutely free, with this license you can use these assets in your own commercial projects and even your clients.

After this introductory special ends, the developer license will go back to its normal price of $27.

When You Pick Up Motion Backgrounds Ace Today We'll Give You These Bonuses Absolutely Free

300 HD Stock Footage Videos

Collection of hundreds more stock footages in high definition quality in various categories and themes.


47 Motion Background Videos

171 Motion Background Videos

50 Animated Backgrounds

35 Disco Motion Backgrounds

35 Bokeh Motion Backgrounds

35 Bokeh Motion Backgrounds

30 Special Effect Videos

Why You Should Pick Up Motion Backgrounds Ace?

Gigantic Collection

The Drone Footage Ace package is a complete giant bringing you more than 1000 stunning high quality stock footages in various high demand niches.

An Organized Product

Don’t get lost while searching for your favorite clip! All the videos are organized into different neat categories making finding the right clip a walk in a park.

Low Cost

Drone stock footage can be a pricey item costing up to $100 or even more each in some online marketplaces. But with Drone Footage Ace, you can get more than 1000 stunning stock footages for a fraction of the price of just one!

Great Licensing

All the videos in Drone Footage Ace are friendly for any personal or commercial usage. You can use the videos worry free in your personal or commercial nature project including using them for your client’s projects.

What You'll Get Recap

 Time Sale Is Applied! 

Time Sale has been applied! The price of Motion Backgrounds Ace is increasing every couple of hours! Don't miss out on the cheapest price, pick up Motion Backgrounds Ace today! 

Get These 500+ Royalty & Copyright Free Motion Background Videos Now!

Commercial License:

Reseller License:


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